Selemina Magao has been a TMT village volunteer since 2010. She is a farmer and takes care of her children and grandchildren. Selemina has kept bees for the last 8 years and during this time she has benefitted from the training provided by TMT. More recently TMT supported Selemina with tree planting advice so that she could start a nursery which has also helped generate an income for her and her family. She is able to sell the trees at market and also to local schools. She says of the nursery and her bee hives; "this earns me money to take care of my family needs" With further support from TMT she hopes to add more hives this year. Athough she says her last harvest gave her 20 litres of fresh honey, the long dry spell recently has delayed the latest harvest by four months. When it is dry for long periods Selemina says "the bees will feed on their honey because there are no flowers to make more."