Wordsworth said of Snowdon:

"Wan, dull, and glaring, with a dripping fog. Low-hung and thick that covered all the sky; But, undiscouraged, we began to climb. The mountain-side."

This was the scene that confronted the MMT Digital team when we arrived at the foot of Snowdon, preparing to take on arguably our toughest charity challenge yet!

To raise money for the fantastic charity The Mango Tree we had decided to race a train up 3,560ft Mount Snowdon!

The train takes 1 hour to get to the summit so by our rough calculations it was determined that we needed to maintain 12 minute miles all the way to the top. Now, this pace is not terribly quick if you are going for a run on normal, as in relatively flat, terrain, but factor in the relentless incline of the unforgiving Mount Snowdon and we are talking a whole different ball game!

If there was any doubt as to the harshness of the challenge that lay ahead, it soon evaporated along with the looming clouds into the murky sky when one of the MMT Digital party showed everyone what he had for breakfast after just 200 yards!! We can mention no names.

Despite this early casualty the brave adventurers from MMT Digital soldiered on. The effort that they showed in trying to beat the train to the top was both humbling and slightly worrying (no oxygen tents nearby!). But we’re talking Chariots of Fire determination!

Unfortunately the locomotive power won out on this occasion but we gave it a good run for its coal. Our first finisher (which happened to be the only female competitor in our motley group) reached the summit in a rather impressive 1hr 5 minutes! The rest of the team were not too far behind and we’re happy to say that there were no further casualties. Although there was a sustained period of worry as one person performed a vanishing act of Houdini proportions, only to then emerge through the fog unscathed and suspiciously fresh-faced. It was later discovered that they applied the unchallengeable logic of “if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em”. Meaning, they rode the train as opposed to racing it!

Fear not, sufficient mocking has been, and will continue to be, delivered.

After the far more civilised climb back down it was to the hostel we went, followed by a quick shower and a trip to a country pub for a well-earned pint.

It really was a great effort by everyone involved and would like to say a big thank you to everyone who sponsored us.

We have so far raised over £2000 for The Mango Tree but it is not too late to donate: