The film, Under The Mango Tree, was made in summer 2015 by BAFTA award winning writer and director Nick Murphy.

Nick, who is from London, became involved with The Mango Tree when his father, John, donated and personally delivered two pick-up trucks to our offices in Tanzania and Kenya. We approached him for advice on how to best make a film about our work and in the spirit of his father he offered to dive in and do it himself. So off he went.
"My brief visit to Kosele was a absolute privilege. Yes, I lost all my luggage and my camera exploded but how can seeing and sharing with an audience the astonishing work Consolata and her team do be anything other than rewarding and humbling. Vital work that permanently changes lives with staggering cost efficiency. In fact when I come to think of it, it's kind of the opposite to the film industry!"

Thank you to Nick for all his time, effort and dedication to the project that is a wonderful lasting gift to The Mango Tree. We are immensely grateful to him and to Jane Garvey, BBC R4 Women's Hour broadcaster for narrating our story.