I've climbed the equivalent of Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa! It struck me this evening as I sheltered from the unseasonally strong winds and rain that since crossing over into Scotland I had climbed up more than 5900metres along the roads of western Scotland. Kilimanjaro is 5895m and the Mango Tree celebrated its 10th anniversary by making an ascent with some of the orphans from both Tanzania and Kenya and some of the staff. (There is a wonderful film of that exciting venture on the main Mango Tree website) 

I have been spoilt by a Mango Tree supporter near Arduaine with wonderful hospitality one evening and then cycled on the next morning to Oban and caught the ferry to Mull. If you have never been to this part of the world, you must! The scenery is stunning and away from the towns, the remote beauty of the unspoilt coastline is magical in all weathers. My cycle day on Mull in warm sunshine and very little breeze made it one of the best days to date for cycling on the trip so far. Mull is a place to return to to explore at greater leisure. But conscious that my progress was slow and the ride is turning out to be much longer than expected(!) I headed for Tobermory and the famous colourful harbour. Both getting to Mull from Oban and departing by ferry from Tobermory, I received generous donations from complete strangers again. This unsolicited generosity is a source of delight following chance conversations. The gentleman who supported the ride yesterday morning turned out to be an ex-pupil of Oakham school. I hope that both donors will read this and get in touch so I can send a copy of the annual report to them and thank them properly. Since then the weather has been wet and stormy and the ride along the Ardnamurchan peninsula was difficulty  and very wet. Today there was some doubt as I arrived Mallaig if the ferry to Armadale on the Isle of Skye would be sailing - the service was on amber alert and 6 Dutch motorbikers opted for the 112 mile round trip detour to get onto Skye via the bridge! 
My ride on Skye was fast and nerve racking with 45mph winds blowing me forward and sideways. A lot of fun if I'm honest with the best average mph for any day on the trip so far. Early tomorrow and I'll clock up the 900 mile mark from the start and the forecast is more of the same - wet and wild.

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