Recently some of MMT Digital’s employees took part in the Great Nottinghamshire Cycle Ride to raise money for The Mango Tree. However, their fundraising doesn’t stop there, as another MMT Digital employee, Kultar, is taking on the Leicester Half Marathon in aid of The Mango Tree!

Kultar’s goals for this year were to not only to ‘get healthier’ but to push himself physically, with a separate goal to raise money for The Mango Tree. This is by far the most difficult event / run he will have done. Ever! He is looking forward to the day and hopes to raise some money for The Mango Tree as well along the way.

In addition, MMT Digital CEO, Ben Rudman, has willingly agreed to do a bucket challenge (the ice bucket challenge, but with something else, e.g baked beans!), if Kultar hits £1000 in his fundraising target! This is not the first time Ben has undertaken a bucket challenge – he promised to do a bean bucket challenge if we won an RAR award and we won 6, which we naturally thought meant 6 buckets of beans…

If you can help your friendly neighbourhood runner, and want to see another bucket challenge take place, then please donate at