On Friday last week, the culmination of the KPC inter-faculty football league was played out, in great spirits, in the final of the Mbuzi Cup.

The competition, named after its prize of a goat to the winning team, was the brainchild of Mr. Partson Dugange, KPC’s sports co-ordinator. Apart from the pure entertainment element, Partson devised the competition to help identify potential new players for the college’s football team, after other team players graduated earlier in the year.  

Six teams, formed from the college’s various faculties, entered the league and each team got to play two games in earlier play-offs.

The teams were:

  • The Electricians

  • Hotel and tourism

  • ICT & Journalism

  • Business administration

  • Staff members

  • Carpentry & Masonry

The electricians and the business administration won in their groups to reach the final. The ultimate match, which was played in great spirits, was held on Friday evening and was well attended by students and staff, including KPC’s Principal Salatiel Mwakyambiki. The winning team was awarded a prize of a goat, whose Swahili name is Mbuzi, and was generously donated by KPC Staff.

The entire competition has been a huge success and the final was the highlight of the month’s activities at the KPC.  The College is reported to have been buzzing with anticipation before the match took place with both teams confident of their chances. The competition was made even more intense because of the rivalry sparked between two brothers, both making it to the final, but competing on opposing teams.

It was a tremendous match, but the result in the end went to the Electricians 3-1. The prize of the Mbuzi was presented in a ceremony after the match. In what was a lovely gesture, the presentation was made to Pauline, the sole female member of the Electrician’s class. Pauline is pictured accepting the prize on her team’s behalf.

Congratulations to the Electricians and to Mr. Partson Dugange and the rest of the college staff for organising such a well run and successful event.