For ages Mango Tree has been saying that it cannot sustain zero costs in the UK while witnessing the project grow and grow each year. The annual income in 2010 actually fell slightly while the costs continued to rise steeply. The success of the orphans in school is ensuring that more and more gain access to the next level of education and at a higher cost per orphan. After long debate the Trustees have agreed to seek to hire a part time fund raiser (our income is well over £650,000 but our costs are forecast to be closer to #720,000) and we need to generate more income in order to continue to serve the Mango Tree orphans in Kenya and Tanzania, and to fulfil the aims contained in the mission statement. 

Interviews will be help in London next month to find a suitable candidate - someone who has great empathy with the philosophy of the Mango Tree. We will never lose our passion for doing more for less! UK costs must remain very, very low and the aim is to ensure that 91% of all donations will be spent on direct orphan support. Only 9% to be spent on overheads like the management teams in Tanzania and Kenya who are needed to run the Mango Tree orphan Support Programme.