When we were first married, Gail and I served as VSO volunteers in Tanzania. We returned home to start a family and pursue a career in the family business.

By the late 1990’s I was chairman to The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Whenever I travelled overseas on behalf of my company, I tried to visit research projects of the School. In 1998 I visited a project attached to an organisation in Entebbe which had been set up by people who were HIV+. While I listened to a presentation by the members of TASO, all aged between 25 and 40, I came to realise that I was the only person in the room who would still be alive about 18 months later – this was before anti-retroviral drugs had become available to most people in Africa. I thought that all these people would have several children. What would happen to these orphans? 

Our founder and Chairman, William Fulton outlines the stages in the evolution of the Mango Tree from its inception  to the present day. It is an inspiring story of determination, leadership and perseverance from our partners, volunteers, trustees and communities in both Kenya and Tanzania . To learn more about the history of the Mango Tree click here.