The 20 page Report is always a challenge for the Chairman to collate each year as the work of the Mango Tree has to be conveyed in only 20 pages! In his opening remarks, Willie Fulton comments that the most memorable event of 2010 was the graduation ceremony in Kenya to mark the completion of Mango Tree Support to many young men and women who had completed degrees, diplomas, and certificates. They were able to inspire thousands of younger orphans who attended the event. 

The Report illustrates the on-going work of the two inspirational teams in Kenya and Tanzania who run the Mango Tree in the Rachuonyo and Kyela districts of Kenya and Tanzania respectively. Andilile, the Tanzanian Director reports on the original core practice so the Mango Tree and also on the strengthening of community support groups, counselling and HIV/Aids testing. Andilile has also secured local funding from within Tanzania to enable a great expansion in home based care and the support of an addition one thousand orphans! 

In Kenya, Consolata and her team report on local community leaders establishing a committee to help Mango Tree promote community development and they have already made a great impact. 

The Report also explains the fund raising fortunes of the year and the two major projects being developed in Kenya and Tanzania under the umbrella of the Mango Tree. (click here for the full 2010 report on these and other good news stories.)