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Our Vision

A future where families are self-supporting and resilient, living in communities which are cohesive and socially responsible.

Our vision is underpinned by three core beliefs:
- Education will help end global poverty
- Every child has a right to an education
- Local people hold the solutions and strategies to change their own lives.

Mission - to support education and sustainable livelihoods programmes that encourage and empower, and help build independence for orphans, vulnerable children and families living in rural communities.

We work in partnership with organisations, institutions and dynamic individuals who strive to enable the next generation of African young people to develop their capabilities, access opportunities and reach their potential, and who are committed to social justice and equal opportunities for all.

The Mango Tree values local knowledge and experience. We build on what exists already to support long term resilience and sustainable resources in areas effected by global warming, and we promote rights for those most under-represented, such as girls, women, disabled people, orphans and those living with HIV and other health problems. We empower people and communities at risk of marginalisation by helping them raise their voices, contribute ideas and take control of their own projects. We encourage people to trust their own solutions, improve decision-making power and facilitate ways in which communities can widen future choices by sharing knowledge and expertise.

- Support people’s access to all levels of education and training
- Promote livelihoods diversification and access to appropriate energy saving technology
- Provide opportunities for saving, credit and loan schemes
- Advocate for the rights of girls and women, orphans, disabled people and those with long-term health issues