a broader community based health programme

Health, Water and Sanitation, Hygiene promotion (WASH)

The Mango Tree continues to develop and expand its health programme in rural communities with an approach that focuses on child development and wellbeing, child rights, HIV and sexual health education.

We are translating awareness and knowledge into positive behaviour change to help improve sexual health amongst young people, reduce malaria rates for young children, improve family planning, hygiene and sanitation for rural, marginalised poor families

We have expanded are Health Programme and have been working to improve community health and sanitation awareness and knowledge of communicable diseases and illnesses such as HIV and sexual transmited diseases (STDs), malaria, TB, fistula and cholera. We have inceased the opportunities for information, referrals to hospital and access to direct treatment for those who are the most a risk of poor health. Thousands of vulnerable children across our project areas now have access to hygienic toilets, and improved water and sanitation facilities in their schools. The young people we support feel safer, better informed about HIV and STDs and are less at risk of poor sexual health and teenage pregnancy.

In the villages where we work we are seeing improved awareness around safer health practices and more positive attitudes to health and sanitation amongst disadvantaged people, especially in young people. More people now use health prevention methods such as mosquito bed nets to protect themselves and their children from malaria and thousands more families have improved access to clean water.

What we do

Primary health care treatment

  • Improve access to primary health care treatment and hospital referral for children and young people, parents and guardians of orphans, people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) and village volunteers.

  • Provide social worker visits, counselling and nurse outreach to children identified as most vulnerable to poor health or school absence

  • ​Provide rural family based foster care targeted at particularly vulnerable girls

Health prevention and awareness

  • Provide access to sexual health education and gender rights awareness in secondary schools, particularly for girls.

  • Provide community health awareness and HIV education in villages and markets.

  • Establish seminars to increase peoples' knowledge on gender based violence (GBV), mother-child health, sanitation and health prevention. We target guardians and those families identified as particularly vulnerable, such as PLHIV and families with children who have disabilities.

  • Provide condoms, bed nets and rainwater catchment systems

Water and sanitation, hygiene (WASH)

  • Construct and support the community management of village boreholes and protected springs.

  • Work with teachers, parents and community volunteer to construct girls’ toilets in primary and secondary schools and TMT supported foster care homes.

  • Provide large water tanks and support the construction of rainwater catchment projects in primary and secondary schools.

  • Deliver education talks covering safe water use and safe sanitation methods in schools and with OVC guardians.

What can your donation do?
What can your donation do? 6157 people living with HIV have benefited from improved healthcare.
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