Support Community Livelihoods

Community Livelihoods

The Mango Tree has been supporting communities through small agricultural projects, agricultural development and micro-enterprise schemes. This work initially targeted the guardians of the orphans that we were supporting in education, but now also supports people living with HIV, guardian families, or adults with long-term health needs. Our strategy is to enable vulnerable families to improve their household food security and income levels, especially in the Kenyan villages where food security is particularly weak and employment levels are high.

We don’t want to live on handouts, we want to be able to be independent and have self-respect. Other farmers ask my advice now, they take my knowledge and this means that I have become someone.”

Our strategy is to enable vulnerable families to improve their household food security and income levels, especially in the Kenyan villages where food security is particularly weak and unemployment levels are high. We initially target the guardians of the orphans whom we support in education, but also support people living with HIV, families with children, or, adults with long-term health needs. 

Our model demonstration farms, built on our own farmland, provide opportunities for training, work experience and income generation. The TMT Kenya model farm now has four model fishponds which provide aquaculture training to local farmers and unemployed Lake Victoria fishermen. Our mango tree-grafting scheme is upgrading local drought-resistant varieties and improved varieties of cassava are benefiting local farmers.
Our research on the use of livestock indicated that 41% of Kenyan households keep livestock for income generation, with 38% owning cows so that they can sell milk. However, less than 1% of these households had invested in improved breeds.

  • Agriculture is the dominant economic activity across both of our project areas, however the lack of investment in this sector and the active exploitation of natural resources by external companies is significantly undermining the sustainable development of these regions.

  • The impact of increasing income through small agri-business co-operatives has been immediately felt in rural households. Grandparents inform us that they are now able to pay secondary school fees for orphaned grandchildren and people living with HIV to have access to a wider variety of nutritious food, including fish, eggs and honey from bee-keeping.

  • Many of our beneficiaries have HIV+ family members and all have large numbers of dependents. They want to increase productivity through agricultural diversification, investment in processing and support with marketing so they can bring a greater variety of food into their households

Land-based livelihoods

  • Agricultural kits including hybrid seeds, tools, fertiliser, fish fingerlings and small stock.

  • Model demonstration farms to trail new techniques, provide work experience, train local people and generate our own income.

Training and peer-to-peer learning

  • Forums and workshops for local farmers to share agricultural and animal husbandry knowledge.

  • Practical training and demonstrations covering a range of land-based agri-businesses.

  • New sustainable land management and water saving techniques.

  • Fuel-efficient stoves and sustainable forestry.

  • Business training, co-operative management seminars and advice on simple processing techniques and marketing. 

Micro-finance and small enterprise development

  • Savings and loan schemes for community groups to invest in the development of their own businesses and projects.

  • Small land-based co-operatives.

  • Model village income-generating projects.

  • Model farms for income generation and agricultural learning.

Your donations provide food and security...
Your donations provide food and security... 4,969 farmers have benefited from agricultural training and micro-finance thanks to your support
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