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Our Local Teams

Meet our local teams who work in collaboration with the rural communities to deliver our work in Kenya and Tanzania, and bring positive change to the people we support.

The Mango Tree, Kenya Management Team

Consolata Achieng Norbert  - Programme Director, Peter Kunyada - Finance/Administration, Florence Akinyi Odak - Programme Co-ordinator, Philip Omdugu - Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Wycliffe Achieng - Head of Community Development Programme, Juliet Anyango - Head of Health, David Omune - Head of Education

The Mango Tree KPC, Tanzania Management Team 

Dr. Salatiel Mwakyambiki  - College Principal, Jairos Jongo  -College Registar, Upendo Mwinuka - Deputy Principal Itika Jeremia - Human Resources, Lugano Mwaikono - Course Coordinator, Baraka Salim - Examins Officer, Partson Dugange - Vocational Education Coordinator, Mfaume Thabith  - Head of Department,  Hotel and Tourism, Samson Mwalugeni  - Head of Department,  Journalism and ICT, Andrew Manage Planning Officer, Sylvester Amani - Accountant, Neema Balindile - Procurement Officer

The Mango Tree Communities and Volunteer

Our work is vitally supported by contributions from our beneficiary communities and our fantastic teams of community volunteers. Here are just some of the ways in which communities support each other to help change lives of marginalised people in their own communities.

  • Guardians and families of orphans match fund at 20 per cent of the payment of school fees

  • School teachers, parents and families provide 25 per cent of the costs of our construction projects, as well as labour and locally sourced construction materials

  • Our volunteers are carefully selected and trained from every supported village. they act as advocates and mentors for orphans and people living with HIV from the same village. We now have over 200 trained volunteers.

  • Farmers give surplus seeds and plant cutting to others, this may include supporting another village embarking on a particular new crop productions

Direct Action and Community Participation 

The Mango Tree Family Association

is a group of former supported students, now numbering almost 500, who set up and run a range of projects including mentoring schemes and activities for younger children. In the past, they have raised funds to buy provisions and uniforms for secondary school children going off to boarding school. One of their most succesful schemes is a holdiay tuition programme. Last year this scheme provided extra tuition for 620 children. The group have also harvested a great Cassava crop, which they donated to orphaned children living in The Mango Tree's family based care homes.

The Community Development Support Committee 

Comprises of local village leaders that spearhead development projects and encourage community participation and involvement. They also monitor the progress of farm projects and provide important feedback with informs our future plans. 

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