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About the Mango Tree

A fundamental pillar of African society has always been the duty of the extended family to support any members of the household in need of help. But this traditional strength is now collapsing across the continent as too many children, who have lost one or both parents to AIDS, overwhelm family members already struggling under the burden of persistent poverty.

We are translating awareness and knowledge into positive behaviour change to help improve sexual health amongst young people, reduce malaria rates for young children, improve family planning, hygiene and sanitation for rural, marginalised poor families

The result is that whole families are dragged too far below the poverty line to survive. Severe malnutrition, preventable diseases and infant mortality rates increase. School attendance rates plummet, and many are forced to migrate from their villages to become urban street children, creating a whole new raft of social problems.

The Mango Tree Orphan Support Programme believes this snowball effect to be one of Africa's most appalling problems, and has discovered what it thinks is an innovative, effective and very cost efficient way of tackling it at its roots.


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