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Political leaders acknowledge the work of The Mango Tree

The Kenyan Prime Minister said in October 2008:

“I am told of two recent graduates of Tangaza College who are doing exemplary work with Aids orphans in Rachuonyo district. These two, a young woman from Kenya and a young man from Malawi, graduated with a Bachelor in Social Ministry, which gave them both academic principles and the hands-on skills of project managers. In just two years their organisation, the Mango Tree Orphan Support Trust, now supports over 3,000 Aids orphans in this lakeside district of Kenya that is devastated by the HIV-Aids pandemic. These two young people administer funds that pay the children’s school fees, from nursery to University. But I am told that this programme is keen in not creating a cycle of dependence. So, they involve the local community to contribute tangibly in the children’s lives. They provoke the communities to identify income-generating projects that are unique to each village, like raising milk goats or growing fruits and vegetables. Then they mobilize agricultural extension officers to teach the villagers, mostly women, how to prosper in these small ventures. The directors of The Mango Tree are a remarkable example of leaders of integrity that CUEA produces. I urge the University to continue on this track. If such innovative models are replicated across the country, we can surely turn our country around.”

The Tanzanian President Kikwete, in opening a new library for the use of orphans and the local community said in October 2008:

“I do congratulate the Director and his team for having the vision to set up such a nice library from which many young people and the community will benefit in the coming years. I urge not only the students but all people to make the maximum use of the available books. I challenge parents and all Kyela residents to invest in education for it is the best inheritance for your children. Any nation seeking development must be willing to invest in education, so that it may have enough schools with teachers, equipment and books. I thank The Mango Tree for being part of the Government’s initiatives in this area of education. I thank the Village Volunteers for the commendable job they are doing by caring for these orphans. There are few people these days willing to do something for nothing. I encourage you to continue to support these orphaned children.”
Posted, 20th October 2008
The Mango Tree Orphan Support Programme is a charity registered in Tanzania, Kenya and the UK
(UK Registered charity no: 1095767)