Accounts and Reports

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Annual Report 2013 is out now!

2013 marks another remarkable year for The Mango Tree. The 2013 Annual Report gives you an insight into the work supported by The Mango Tree and our achievements.
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Posted, 07th January 2014

Annual Report 2012 is now published

Our latest 2012 annual report is out now.
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Posted, 21st January 2013

Annual Report 2011 is now published

Our latest 2011 annual report is out now. We have had a really busy and successful year in both Kenya and Tanzania. If you would like a copy of our annual report we are very happy to post one out to you. Just email us your contact details. 

Or you can download our latest annual report as a PDF here.

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Posted, 26th January 2012

Annual Report for 2010 is Published

The 20 page Report is always a challenge for the Chairman to collate each year as the work of the Mango Tree has to be conveyed in only 20 pages!
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Posted, 23rd December 2010

2009 Accounts

Download our latest accounts from here.
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Posted, 11th January 2010

Annual Report 2009 has been published

Download the Annual Report for 2009!
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Posted, 22nd December 2009

The Mango Tree Orphan Support Programme is a charity registered in Tanzania, Kenya and the UK
(UK Registered charity no: 1095767)