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The Mango Tree 2013 Annual Report is out now!
2013 marks another remarkable year for The Mango Tree. The 2013 Annual Report gives you an insight into the work supported by The Mango Tree and our achievements.

We raced a train up Mount Snowdon!
To raise money for the fantastic charity The Mango Tree we had decided to race a train up 3,560ft Mount Snowdon!

The Chairman William Fulton outlines a Brief History of the Mango Tree
Towards the close of the 10th year of the Mango Tree Orphan Support Scheme William Fulton outlines the stages in the evolution of the Mango Tree from its inception with Co-Founder and Trustee Andilile Ibrahim through to the present day...

The Mango Tree Orphan Support Programme is a charity registered in Tanzania, Kenya and the UK
(UK Registered charity no: 1095767)